The Proper Use For Dry Peaches

i'll let you know when i know.

I got to see Maggie the beagle for the last few days and she’s such a weirdo.  She does this thing where if I’m fast asleep and she feels like cuddling, she will literally hit me in the face with her paw until I wake up and cuddle with her.  I thought that was like, a no-no.  Like aren’t I supposed to know that if she’s sleeping I shouldn’t hit her in the face because then she might wake up disoriented and confused and scared and bite my face off?  Also, her prioritization of cuddling is really extraordinary.  I’ve seen dogs wake people up for peeing and eating, but Maggie is just REALLY into cuddling. 

Everytime I leave her I just get so worried about her.  I just feel afraid she’s lonely.  She’s really poorly socialized in a way and it’s not her fault.  And her big sister Becky is 14 and is about to die really, really soon and I feel like Maggie’s only definitive understanding of where she is in the pack, or whatever, is Below Becky.  So I’m really scared she’s not going to just loose a friend she’s super emotionally dependent on, but she’s also just going to be really confused and anxious. 

Today in 6th grade we were reading one of those boring common core articles that focused on landing on the moon for the first time. 

One of the kids said: “That quote ‘giant leap for mankind’ quote is pasted on my school wall and I hate it, I don’t even know what it means.”  I thought that was amazing.  One of the students countered: “Well one of my main goals is to be someone who makes a famous quote that people post all the time and gets painted on school walls.”  I thought that was amazing too. 

I think my therapist leaving fucked me over.  My very last day I told her I had not stared at the computer screen for 6 hours straight in the same position. nor had i talked to x, for months!  And this whole last fucking two weeks after she’s left, man. 

If you have the option, I really recommend not ever becoming a constant deposit box for the problems of one of your problems.  It’s an almost science fiction-y reality to be in, in a way. 

There is a photo on Cara Delevigne’s Instagram that is different faces she makes next to a bunch of corresponding faces cat’s make.  Thing is, she REALLY looks like a cat.  I can’t stop looking at this picture.  You have to go look at it. 

I’ve been doing this thing where I try to drink every night, but less. 

I guess note to some future reincarnation of myself:  Tell people things about yourself, because then you’d have people to call up or sit with who just know things without you having to tell them things.  Just be really careful who you tell.  Very, very careful.  But not so careful that the only people who know are the precise people you should 100% not be around. 

I used to go out by myself quite a bit.  But more and more I am staying in because I don’t think I could handle being around certain things that could possibly happen.  I dunno.  

OK, I just really don’t understand interpersonal ethics when the emotion “worry” is involved. 

This is a serious and not joke question.  If you have a recurring nightmare about a person hurting, do you tell that person? 

I have heard competing things.  I know one person who thinks it is an absolute necessity to tell someone. 

But then when I’m thinking about it, I have all these conflicts between the weird superstitious side of myself and the very logical side.  The superstitious side is unsure, but the logical side thinks that it is unethical to impose this kind of thing onto someone when it’s just some weird subconscious thing that’s more about me than it is about them.  

But then there’s this other side of me that says that if it’s really persistent than it’s calling me to action in some way.  Of course that doesn’t mean the appropriate action is like, telling the person about the dream in detail….

This embarrasses me a little, but I think I posted about how I read The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson and loved it?  I had read “The Lottery” and in absolutely no way had it inspired me to go further - but I was looking for a ghost story, etc. etc.

Anyway, there was a snippet of a line in it that I loved so much I had an immediate “I need this as a tattoo” reaction - “Motion might imply acceptance.”  I obviously want it on my leg and I just love it so much.  It has that thing I love, where on the one hand it is 100% value neutral (it doesn’t say that motion DOES indicate acceptance, nor does it categorize “acceptance” as good or bad) yet suggests something of profound ethical import.  In different situations, it could mean that moving is something awful, moving is something critical and necessary - and that the latter might mean that by moving to transform something you are not in denial about something awful.  And just a bunch more things. 

I just love it so much - There is a lady tattoo artist on my new block, I just found out, and my goal is the Thursday before Easter. 

I am going to call a friend and bitch about minor problem just so I can forget major problem. 

Everything is so difficult, but in a way that I can’t decide what to make a tumblr post about. 


men who pretend there are horrible real terrible consequences for most men that prey on vulnerable teenagers and pretend “character assassination” is an actual threat they can face