The Proper Use For Dry Peaches

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But what kind of irony is it when someone begins an article with “Flannery O’Connor warned us of the kind of empathically-correct sentimentalism that leads to things like trigger warnings” and ends it with “And the thing about literature classrooms, is reading and discussing literature without any kind of censorship is precisely what leads to empathy?” 

Question: If you broke your neck hiking “Break Neck Mountain,” would it be ironic or non-ironic?  

Answer:  In a situation where “non-ironic” is elevated to the status of its own phrase, it is the most profound type of irony.  It’s Flannery O’Connor level irony. 

I had been wondering what album will save me (this time), and I weirdly realized today that it was Nirvana’s Bleach.

One of the Fiona Apple lines most important to me is from “Parting Gift.”  It is: “It is by the grace of me you never learned what I could see.” 

Let’s say, for example, that I was in a position similar to one of those women who dates those comp lit men.  The ones I mentioned in my previous post.  Would I mention to him that he should be embarrassed because someone else in his stupid department - someone he makes fun of regularly - said the same thing to some other girl? 

No.  I wouldn’t.  I would omit that information.  I would get openly angry.  I’m not THAT much of a wuss that I wouldn’t get angry.  But I would omit the embarrassing information - the information that would (might) embarrass him. 

I don’t know what my motivated for this is.  Is it that I want to, even invisibly, maintain a moral superiority?  Is it that I really don’t like hurting people’s feelings?  Is it that I preference the desire for someone to not want to hurt my feelings over the desire to hurt someone else’s?  Is it that I’d rather not know, and rather not ever find out, if that information, which actually makes ME feel second-hand embarrassment, would actually embarrass the other person or not? 

I often admire people who can openly hurt the feelings of other people, granted that those other people more maliciously hurt first. The other day a friend asked: “Do you ever try to hurt people’s feelings?”  I honestly answered: “no, it’s a weakness of mine.”  She said she didn’t think it was weak.  But I admire cold people - I mean, women who can be cold.  I desire to attain perfect coldness in the face of enemies.  I’m also scared of it.  Because the people who really are cold, who really shut out legitimate objection, are scary. 

I desire to maintain a cognitive dissonance that separates me from others.  I will actively avoid finding out if someone who hurts me means to hurt me.  Because I do not want to have the feeling about that person that I have when I see someone hurting someone else. 

I hate nothing more than that thing people do when they want to maintain cognitive dissonance. 

Sometimes people at the coffee store give you less ice and more coffee in your iced coffee.  They are doing it to be nice.  But the problem is, if I’m ordering an iced coffee, I realize, I have made the decision to preference the feeling of the cold for the caffeine of the coffee.  So an iced coffee with less ice just tastes like cold coffee, and it tastes disgusting. 

So now I’m going to talk about the Starbucks iced green tea, which used to offend me because it is literally about a half inch of tea, a bunch of water, and ice.  And they are required to measure it in a certain way.  And it tastes so good.  So what I’m realizing now is that when I order an iced caffeinated drink that what I really want is coffee or tea flavored ice water.  I just want a very cold drink while feeling psychologically secure about getting some caffeine as well. 

I know two separate women who dated two separate men from the same Comparative Literature department who called the men liars and had the men respond with “theoretical” musings about “lies vs. truths.” 

So they must teach this? 

Even though his persona doesn’t quite match the type I’m thinking of, I feel like James Franco is the spiritual embodiment of that fine line between “man feminist” and “men’s rights activist.” 

I somehow volunteered to read books to children tomorrow.  I like kids, but I’m incredibly, incredibly nervous about this.  I do not think reading books to kids is anywhere near my range of skills.  


Sexual Violence and Neoliberalism - Historical Materialism NY 2013

Sexual Violence and Neoliberalism - Historical Materialism 


  • Tithi Bhattacharya
  • Jennifer Roesch - Jump to Jennifer (27:28)
  • Silvia Federici - Jump to Silvia (52:40)

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this is REALLY really good

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my friend just complained to me that all the gays love james franco.

and…..WHAT?!?  I actually didn’t know there was a group of gay (men) who likes James Franco!  I would have thought that even asshole gay men are superficial enough to at least hate him because he is UGLY.   I don’t understand. 

i cannot express how much i love that woman

Can we talk about Nina Diaz solo?   

I am into strawberry flavored things but not as into strawberries.  I hate hate HATE raspberry flavored things but I love raspberries.  I love raspberries so much.  They make me feel so healthy and happy.  I always want to love real strawberries more than I do, but I’m presuming that’s because of where I live? 

Anyway sorry.  Honestly these past few weeks I learned I hated some people I thought I might be okay with - and that was just annoying and filled me with despair.